* Prasini γ μ     9 18  
  Romaine, scallions, dill, cucumber, feta, olives    
* Dakos   μ     12 24
  Barley Rusk, tomato, onions, olives, feta    
* Greek γ μ     10 20  
  Tomato, onion, romaine, cucumber, pepper, feta, olives  
* Htapodi γ μ     23 46  
  Grilled Mediterranean octopus served over Prasini  
* Red Grape & Baby Kale γ μ     12 24
  Red grapes, organic baby greens, walnuts, sheep’s cheese  
* Kalamaraki Grilled γ μ     14 28  
  Squid grilled in lemon oil, served over Prasini    
* Domata γ μ     14 28  
  Tomato, onion, feta, olives    
 *  Pantzaria  γ  μ      15  30  
   Roasted beets, baby kale, walnuts, feta, yogurt dressing  


Soupes / Soups
  Avgolemono / Chicken       7.5
  Organic free range chicken, orzo, egg, lemon
* Fakies / Lentil γ β           7.
  Kastoria lentil bean, veggies, balsamic vinegar      
  Kolokethosupa/Squash Soup               7.5
  Butternut squash, veggies, herbs, heavy cream      
Magirefta / Entrees
Served with one side and a garnish salad
  Arni Youvetsi Kokkinisto   26
  Slow braised grass fed lamb shank in tomato ragu
  Half Roasted Chicken γ         20
  Organic free range chicken, lemon, butter, thyme
  House Brined Pork Chop     20
  Berkshire pork chop house brined
  Mousaka           21
  Zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, lamb & beef sauce, bechamel
  Pastitsio           19
  Misko Pasta, lamb & beef sauce, bechamel
* Vegetarian Mousaka           19
  Mousaka with caramelized onion, tomato sauce, bechamel  
* Yemista γ β μ     19
  Lucky tomatoes stuffed with rice, veggies, herbs, spices
Thalassina / Of the Sea
Served with garnish salad
  Lavraki / Bronzino Grilled   γ 28
  Grilled whole Mediterranean Sea Bass lemon oil dressing
  Roasted Wild Salmon γ 18
  Wild salmon marinated roasted with squash and scallions
Zesta Rofimata / Hot Beverages
  Elliniko Café / Coffee in briki 3 6
  Chamomile Tea           3
  Green Mountain Tea           3
Kria Rofimata / Cold Beverages
  Lux Soda     3.25
  Lemon, , Orange, Sour Cherry, Seltzer  
  Frappé Iced Coffee           5
  Bottled Water           2
  Souroti Sparkling Water   3 6
Bira / Beers
  Fix Hellas, Keo,          
  Voreia Pilsner, Voreia IPA          
Glyka / Desserts
  Baklava           6
  Walnuts & almonds wrapped in phyllo, honey syrup  
  Kourambiedes 4 pcs         5
  Butter cookies with almonds, confection sugar    
  Yogurt w/ sour cherry compote       γ 7
  Strained Yogurt with sour cherry compote  
  Yogurt w/ walnuts & honey γ 7
  Strained Yogurt with walnuts and honey
  Yogurt almonds & honey γ 7
  Strained Yogurt with almonds and honey
  Galaktoboureko           7
  Vanilla paste semolina layered with phyllo
Kali Orexi
  γ Gluten Free Friendly. We do use flour in
  other recipes in the same prep areas
  * Vegetarian dishes
  β Vegan dishes
  μ Ingredients from Carroll St. Farmers Mkt.
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349 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY 11231
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Psistaria / Grill
Add Pita Platter
* Grilled Veggies     (10γ) 13  19
  Roasted eggplant, squash, tri color peppers, onions,              garlic
  Gyro                  7 10    19
  Lamb and Beef, herbs, spices
  Beef Souvlaki     (12γ) 15 20
  Prime Sirloin skewer      
  Chicken Souvlaki     (7γ) 10 19
  Chicken breast skewer
* Fava Fritters / Falafel   13 19
  Chick pea, scallions, feta, herbs, spices, pan fried
  Lamb Souvlaki     (12γ) 15 20
  Lamb grass fed hormone free skewer
  Pork Souvlaki     (7γ) 10 19
  Berkshire pork shoulder skewer    
  Lamb Beef Burger     10 14 20
  Lamb and Prime Sirloin, hand rolled with herbs, spices
  Loukaniko     12 14 20
  Pork sausage with leeks, herbs, orange zest
* Haloumi       15 21
  Grilled Cypriot goat cheese, roasted veggies, baby kale
  Keftethakia       13 19
  Beef, Berkshire pork, cheese, herbs pan fried meatballs
  Shrimp       (12γ) 16 20
  Marinated shrimp skewer
  Add: Single serving of your favorite grilled item
  Pita: tomato, romaine, red onion, tzatziki wrapped
  Platters: Pita, garnish salad, choice of two sides below
Sinotheftika / Sides
* Fries γ β       7
  Hand cut fried Russet potatoes    
* Greek Fries γ         9
  With feta cheese, lemon oil dressing    
* Gigandes γ μ β     9
  White beans baked in an onion tomato dill sauce    
* Lemon Potatoes γ μ β     9
  Red potatoes roasted in lemon, oil, herbs  
* Grilled Veggies γ β       10
  Eggplant, zucchini, tri color peppers, onions, garlic
* Kritharaki β                  6
  Misko Orzo pasta grated kefalograviera cheese  
* Spanakorizo γ μ β     9
  Sauteed spinach, rice, onion, dill  
  Horta Revithia γ μ       9
  Sauteed kale, roasted chick peas, shallots, chicken broth
* Artichoke & Lentils γ μ       9
  Artichoke & lentils braised in cumin & coriander
  Okra γ μ β     9
  Okra braised in tomato basil sauce & crumbled feta
Please advise your server of any allergies  
γ Gluten Free Friendly. We do use flour in  
other recipes in the same prep areas  
* Vegetarian dishes  
β Vegan dishes  
μ Ingredients from Carroll St. Farmers Mkt.  
Kria Orektika / Cold Spread
Served with warm grilled, fried pitas or sliced cucumbers
* Fava Mani γ β       9
  Chick pea, garlic, lemon, tahini, cummin  
* Melitzanosalata γ β       9
  Eggplant, bell peppers, jalapeno, parsley, garlic  
* Taramosalata μ         9
  Fish Roe, onion, bread            
* Tirokafteri γ         9
  Feta cheese, bell peppers, jalapeno, cayenne  
* Tzatziki γ         9
  Yogurt, cucumber, dill, garlic  
* Spread Pikilia           21
  Choice of three spreads from above  
Orektika / Appetizers
  Salmon Cakes         13  
  Wild Caught
  Atherina           13
  Fresh water Smelt in seasoned dredge, deep fried
  Gyro Bites           13
  Gyro served on fried pita, tzatziki  
* Pita Chips β         3
  Wheat pita fried in oil, seasoned  
* Pita Grilled β         1.5
  Wheat pita grilled  
* Argiotiko Eggplant γ β   13
  Roasted eggplant, caramelized onion, sauteed tomatoes
* Dolmathes γ μ β     13
  Hand rolled grape leaves, rice, vegetables, herbs, spices
* Tiropita           6
  Feta cheese, eggs wrapped in phyllo  
* Saganaki           13
  Kefalograviera cheese dredged and pan fried in EVOO
  Keftethakia μ         12
  Beef pork meatballs, pan fried with tomatoe basil sauce
  Paidakia γ         25
  Baby lamb chops grass fed hormone free
* Spanakopita           9
  Spinach, three cheese, crimini mushroom in phyllo
  Sika / Fig Rolls γ         12
  Figs stuffed with feta wrapped in cured pork, pan fried
* Haloumi Stin Psistaria γ     10    
  Cypriot goat cheese grilled with lemon oil dressing
  Htapodi γ         21
  Grilled tentacle of Mediterranean Octopus  
  Kalamarakia           12
  Squid dredged in seasoned flour and fried
* Fava Fritters           10
  Chick pea, scallions, feta, herbs, spices, pan fried
* Grilled Sardines             17
  Imported from Portugal, grilled and seasoned, served over lemon rounds

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