Around my early teens, I decided to scrap my birthday party. My friends were very upset. Not so much about the missed cake and celebration – they just saw another chance to enjoy my mother’s cooking. Eagerly preparing my next bite, with my mouth full, I’d blurt out, “Ma, if we opened up a restaurant, we can make a fortune with your cooking.” Smiling with pride, she would always reply, “I only cook for my family.”

Well, some things haven’t changed. Mom still only cooks for her family, but we’ve managed to get the family recipes. Growing up around my mom’s cooking gave me an education on what “homemade” truly is.

With many restaurants to choose from, descriptions such as “authentic” and “homemade” seem like culinary clichés. At Avlee Greek Kitchen our most important ingredient is pride. We take pride in what we serve you – a 4-star flavor without the snooty attitude and the outlandish prices.

The truth is, unless you pay top dollar, service and taste are sorely lacking in our food system.

When it comes to what we eat, we live by a certain code.

Although appearances are nice, we believe flavor is a priority over the way it’s designed on your plate. We don’t use any kind of artificial flavor enhancers. The only culinary shortcuts we know is simplicity the way nature intended it to be.

We have to admit, even though our food tastes just as great the next day, everything is made daily. With the exception of ice cubes, we don’t do frozen. We couldn’t if they forced us – we don’t have a freezer.

With over 80% of our national food supplied by 4 companies, we believe in the importance of restoring the integrity in our food system, always striving to buy from local farmers.

And last but not least, cleanliness is a staple in our kitchen and customer service is not a luxury, its common -sense.

Don’t take our word for it. Trust is built on consistency. We invite you to come in and taste the difference. Only then will you know what we’ve known all our lives – what “homemade” truly is.

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