Fresh Ingredients

Avlee Greek Kitchen has always tried to live up to the standard of using the Freshest Produce and Ingredients. These quality, natural ingredients within our appetizers and entrées produce the rich flavors that define our food and the quility as if it was direct from Greece. We have the pleasure of getting to know many of our customers and when you eat at Avlee Greek Kitchen you are family and deserve the highest quality food and freshest natural ingredients.

We are dedicated to our customers well-being and producing high quality food. This is why it is important for us to use natural and organic ingredients. Not only does cooking with natural and organic materials mean a healthier environment by not allowing pesticides and herbicides to contaminate soil and groundwater, but it also means greater tasting food!

When it comes to what we eat, we live by a certain code.

The only culinary shortcuts we know is simplicity the way nature intended it to be. We believe flavor is a priority over the way it’s designed on your plate. We don’t use any kind of artificial flavor enhancers and we have to admit, even though our food tastes just as great the next day, everything is made daily. With the exception of ice cubes, we don’t do frozen. We couldn’t if they forced us – we don’t have a freezer.

With over 80% of our national food supplied by 4 companies, we believe in the importance of restoring the integrity in our food system, always striving to buy from local farmers.

And last but not least, cleanliness is a staple in our kitchen and customer service is not a luxury, its common-sense.

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